• Do residents have to pay for the services and/or shelter?
No, our services are free. Auberge Transition buys the groceries for the residents on a weekly basis. We make sure that dietary needs and restrictions are respected. Residents who receive some form of income are responsible for paying for their personal items, such as hygiene products, medication and transportation.

• Auberge Transition is a community living environment. What does this mean?
Residents have their own room, that they can lock, but the rest of the spaces - bathrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. - are shared with the other residents.

• Can residents bring their pets to the shelter?
Unfortunately no, pets of any kind are not permitted. We recommend that residents leave their pets with their relatives during their stay.

• Does Auberge Transition have a daycare service?
No, unfortunately. The childcare worker can offer respite to mothers on occasion, depending on their needs.

• How long is the stay?
The stay is for a maximum of three months. All stays are voluntary and residents can leave whenever they wish. The workers accompany the residents in their efforts to find post-stay housing.

• Can residents continue to work and/or attend school during their stay?
Yes. Sometimes a safety plan is required and if so, the resident will work with their primary worker to develop this plan.

• Is the shelter wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately not.

• What is the most important thing to bring to the shelter?
We strongly encourage residents to bring all their identification documents - passport, permanent residence card, health insurance card, driver's license... - as well as all of their important documents - marriage certificate, lease, birth certificate for herself and her children, immigration papers... Since the storage space available at the shelter is limited, residents can bring two to three suitcases.

• Can the resident's family and friends visit her at the shelter?
In order to respect the confidentiality of our location as well as to preserve the safety of the residents, their children and the staff, the residents' relatives cannot know the address of the shelter nor meet them within our security perimeter.

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