Services Offered


  • Shelter

The address of our shelter is confidential. The shelter can accommodate up to 9 families at a time.


  • Hotline

 A worker is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to crisis calls, information requests and requests for shelter.


  • Individual intervention

All residents are paired with a primary worker who develops an intervention plan and accompanies them during their stay.


  • Group intervention

The workers occasionally organize workshops and group activities.


  • Childcare

The childcare worker helps mothers and children by working in collaboration with the primary worker assigned to the file.


  • Accompaniment and advocacy

The workers can accompany the residents to some of their appointments (court, legal aid, welfare, etc.) and defend their rights.


  • Referrals

Depending on the needs, the workers refer the residents to other resources and community organizations.

Auberge Transition


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