Are there costs associated to my stay?
No. All services at the shelter are provided free of charge. Once financial aid has been established women are responsible for personal items such as toiletries, medication and transportation costs.

What about my pets? Can I bring them with me?
Unfortunately, the shelter does not allow women to bring their pets. It is recommended that pets be left with friends or family members.

Can I bring my children?
Yes. Auberge Transition shelters women and their children.

Are there services for my child?
Yes, we provide childcare, counselling, art therapy and workshops.

I have special dietary needs, will my needs be covered?
Yes. Auberge Transition makes sure that all dietary needs are met. Lactose free milk, Halal and or Kosher foods are purchased.

Do I have to share a room?
No. Women and their children are provided their own room.

How long can I stay?
The length of stay is dependent on the needs of each woman. Women have access to the shelter for a maximum of three months. All stays are voluntary and women can leave at any time.

Is the shelter wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately the design of the home is not wheelchair accessible. However there are shelters that are wheelchair accessible.

Can my friends and family visit me while I am there?
No. Due to the nature of our work, friends and family are not permitted to visit. The location of the home is confidential. However, women have access to their own telephone line where they can be reached.

Is there any room to store my belongings?
No. Women are asked to bring a maximum of 2 bags, 3 if they have children.

Can I continue to work or go to school while I am there?
Yes. A safety plan may be needed to ensure your safety at work or at school.

What can I expect as help while I am there?
Every women arriving at the shelter will be assigned a primary worker. Her role will be to determine with you, your needs. She will help you with all activities related to your case. She will also help guide you to find the appropriate resources (legal aid, welfare, lawyer, etc) whichever the case.

What happens when I leave?
After being sheltered, women can access our external services. There they will continue to receive services dependent on their needs.

Will the shelter help me find housing afterwards?
Yes. The counselors will assist you with Low Income housing applications and second stage housing applications if you are eligible.

What should I bring?
Women are encouraged to bring with them all important documents (passports, bank books, income tax statements, birth and marriage certificates, medical cards, children's vaccination booklet etc.)

Can my child(ren) go to the same school/daycare?
No. Due to the confidentiality of the home, children are required to transfer schools and or daycares. The childcare counselor will help with the school transfers.

How do I get there?
Once a woman is accepted into the shelter, she will be given directions to the home. The directions will only be given once she is ready to leave.

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